[Zotfile] Renaming attachments without moving them

Using Zotfile, whenever you rename an attachment, it is also moved by default.

If the "Location of Files" in Zotfile preferences is set to "Attach stored copy of files", it will move the attachment from its original location and save it as a copy in Zotero. If the option is set to a "Custom Location", it will move the file to the given custom location.

What I want is that while renaming an attachment, it should not be moved. Is their any way to do this? Is their any setting that I can change to do this?
  • I don't think so. You're aware Zotero can do this, though?
  • Oh yeah. Zotero can do this. I never noticed. My bad.

    Thanx a lot Adam.
  • Hey Adam,

    This can actually be done using Zotfile through a workaround. If we send the attachments to "Tablet" and get them back, they come back renamed, and the attachment remains in its original location.

    Now, off course renaming can be done using Zotero, but Zotfile renaming is much more flexible.

    Just wanted the people to know that renaming attachments without moving them can indeed be done using Zotfile.

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