Problem Report no. 968453448 - Ebsco Academic Search Premier

Yikes. Academic Search Premier used to work very well with Zotero, but now that the database has rolled out a new interface, there's no individual-item icon appearing when individual citations are on-screen, and clicking the folder icon that appears when a list of icons is on-screen produces an error. In short, the existing translator doesn't work at all any more.
A working translator is desperately needed. Academic Search Premier is my large university's ONLY general/undergraduate/multi-subject database, and it is very hard to promote Zotero if Zotero cannot work with Academic Search Premier.
  • Not to solve your problem, but here's the workflow I use when I'm having translator problems:

    1. Identify the title of the work I'm looking for
    2. Search for it on google scholar with "as much as the title as convenient to paste into the search box surrounded by quotes"
    3. 99% of the time this gives me the correct reference to add to zotero
    4. Use google's openurl service to go straight to my library's fulltext (available from advanced preferences).
  • EBSCO fix will be out shortly.
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