Clicking "x" in search box should bring the cursor inside the box

This is a tiny but important and easy-to-implement feature.

Clicking the "x" in the right of the search box should bring the cursor inside the box. After all, if you're clicking the "x", it's usually because you're about to type in more text. Even if you just want to reset the search so all the documents appear, you can keep your highlighted selection even if the cursor goes to the search box.

Android phones, for instance, always have this behavior.

Thanks for the incredible software.
  • I just checked the basic search box in Z Standalone and Z in Firefox, and clicking the x did put the focus in the box. What setup are you using? What version number of Zotero? Standalone? Firefox? With a connector? What OS?

    (As an aside, though, many times I click the x just to clear the search box because I'm done with the search and want to get back to other business, but not always. I'm not sure what my preferred behavior would be.)
  • I can replicate that:
    search with the search box --> then click on an article to select it --> then clear it using the x
    That clears the box without putting the cursor into it. Like arggem I'm not 100% sure what the desirable behavior is, though.
  • Ah, yes. I wasn't selecting an article first.
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