Translater & HAN-Server


our library is using a HAN server for identity managment for the paid resources. This means that all URLs are changes in a format like:

where XXXXXX is number for the resource

If now our users would like to use Zotero with one of this resources this will not work because the URL will not be right recognize and the right translater will not be used. Has anyone a solution for this problem?
  • can you post a link to your database please.
  • hi its not a database its a system that mangenage the acounts e.g.


    the server transports the access informations. For informations about the product see:|0|HAN100|0|HAN100|0

    Many libraries in germany using this product and it will realy help. Maybe its possible to set a flag that masks also all URLs on left side like :

  • Thanks for the suggestion PatrickD, we should have something available for you to test shortly.
  • Great thanks :-)
  • @acrymble: I recently contacted the Bavarian State Library, who is also using HAN, about this issue and they told me that they would look into it sometime when they are less busy (so not any time soon). They seemed generally interested and supportive. If you think they might be able to help you, let me know and I can email you the contact I used.
  • Gitty K: We shouldn't require any changes or work from your library to get this working. We've made a slight change to one of our existing translators so that it should recognize any HAN site. Hopefully this will be active in a few days and you can help us test it out.
  • Hi Acrymble,

    any News about the HAN Server Problem. Do you need any help with testing?

  • I noticed the new proxy tab under preferences. Is that of any help here? And if so, how can I add a HAN server?
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