Icons in the address bar on LexisNexis

I recently noticed that a few different icons appear in the address bar when using LexisNexis, which is sommething new! Unfortunately, it's still impossible to capture metadata when clicking on an icon on LexisNexis. Does anybody have information about this change on LexisNexis ? Thanks.
  • which browser and what's the URL exactly as you see it?
  • browser: Firefox, when readind an journal article, the icon Newspaper is in the address bar.

    I use LexisNexis with university proxy.

    Sorry I didnt't understand "what's the URL exactly as you see it? "
  • the web address that you're seeing when you're on LexisNexis - including your proxy - what is it?
  • http://www.lexisnexis.com.proxy.bibliotheques.uqam.ca:2048/ca/legal/results/tocBrowseNodeClick.do?rand=0.7671105172079073&tocCSI=281471&clickedNode=TAAB
  • When reading an article or a case on LexisNexis, the Newspaper icon now appears. I was wondering if LexisNexis tends to be compatible with Zotero or if Zotero icons now appear even on databases wich are even not compatible.
  • yeah, so we only developed/tested this for LexisNexis academic, none of us, I believe, have access to quicklaw.
    Do you have an option to export the citation to a reference manager at the top right of the item?
  • No not really. No other buttons than the usual LexisLexis Quicklaw Buttons.
    Nothing like those ones: http://lawlibraryguides.bu.edu/content.php?pid=210292&sid=175109
  • sorry: http://lawlibraryguides.bu.edu/content.php?pid=210292&sid=1751092
  • yeah, so we need the icons at the top right here:
    in particular the open book icon (3rd one from the right).
    So to your question - in general whenever you see the URL bar icon, Zotero import should work and to the best of our knowledge it will on LN academic, but we can't test on everything, especially if none of use (we tested this from three different university accounts) has access.
  • Thanks for the information. Right now, I don't have this book button.
    By the way, tested Zotero icon with youy reference(58 L.R.R.M. 2721), and it worked well. Maybe it works only with U.S. references, not with canadian that I tryed. I'll try again tomorow. Thanks.
  • great, that's helpful - I actually have access to Canadian cases and they don't work for me, either - the problem is that Lexis/Nexis - even though I do have the icon - doesn't export any citation information for Canadian cases. That also means we can't prevent the newspaper (or case) icon from appearing: it looks like this should work, and then LN just gives us an empty document rather than the case information.

    Having any citation information is relatively new for LN, so it's possible they'll add this with time, so I'd try occasionally revisiting this, it's certainly possible it'll just start working.
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