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I'm the developer of LitLink, a freeware programme developed in Switzerland. Currently I try to improve our import routine that reads data from Zotero using the API, but I got problems mapping the data fields.
Can someone enlighten me on the systematics behind the fields "series", "seriesTitle" and "seriesText"? Using the type "journal article" all three are listed,"audio recording" shows only "seriesTitle", "book" shows only "series" - I don't get it.

p.s.: Likewise, the type "webpage" lists the fields "title" as well as "websiteTitle", again I don't see what would go into the latter.
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    It's a bit obscure and might change in the future, but it's based on this:
    i.e. "series" is something that refers to the journal as a whole (and multiple journals can be part of a series). That's the same as a book series, which is why only that field exists for books. seriesTitle and seriesText refer to sections within that journal.

    The webpage issue is straightforward, though:
    If you look at a webpage such as this:
    the title would be the title of that particular page, i.e. "Privacy" or "Privacy Policy" and the website title would be the title of the website as a whole, i.e. "Zotero" or "Zotero Documentation".
  • Thank you very much, that clarified a lot. The "might chance in the future" part scared me a bit though ;)
  • Changes to item types&fields are planned for Zotero 4.2 - mostly that'll be additions, but a couple of things - including series fields for journals - may actually change/be merged.
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