Zotero and Stylewriter

I am having some issues with a Word Addin called Stylewriter and it appears the problems are being caused by Zotero.dot. I have submitted the below to Stylewriter and they have forwarded to their programers. It seems to be an interoperability issue between the addins and I also wanted to make you aware.

Sent to SW:
I am having some problems with SW 4.x and Word 2013. When I click the blue links to correct a word (i.e. delete), it just gives a system error beep and nothing happens. After some testing I found out that when I disable a Word Addin called Zotero, SW works fine. Zotero is a citation manager available at zotero.org. I understand this is not entirely a SW problem but at a minimum there is an interoperability issue. I am submitting a report to Zotero, but was hoping you would investigate on your end as well.
  • Simon would know better, but this sounds like a SW problem, not a Zotero one. As far as I know Zotero isn't active except when when it's actually running a command, which has to be manually triggered.
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