Multiple Institutions for Report Item Type

Would it be possible to add the ability to have multiple institution fields for reports, the same way we can with authors? Right now, if a report has two or more institutions I'm putting all of them in the single field, separated by commas. Multiple fields would allow easier rearranging (with a move up/move down option like for authors). I don't know if there are citation styles that use something other than commas to separate multiple institutions, but this solution would facilitate that as well.
  • I have this same issue. Normally, it wouldn't bother me but it looks funny in certain circumstances. For example, I'm using a report jointly published by 1) Virginia Commonwealth University, Center on Society and Health; and, 2) Northern Virginia Health Foundation. When creating a bibliography, Zotero displays "Retrieved from Virginia Commonwealth University, Center on Society and Health; Northern Virginia Health Foundation website". It reads oddly and I always have to go in manually to adjust.
  • @mlpomeroy You’re using APA—the best approach here would be to just remove the publishers other than the one from which website you retrieved the report.
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