Firefox and Zotero standalone does not share data any more

Unfortunately something in my setup seems to be very wrong at the moment. I have not used Zotero in Firefox for a very long time now (since I use Chrome). Last time I did everything was fine.

However now it looks like Zotero in Firefox and Zotero Standalone does not share data directories any more. Zotero Standalone uses the correct version but Zotero in Firefox does something else. Firefox does not know about my group libraries any more.

Did I miss something or is this a recent bug?
  • edited March 22, 2014
    nothing about this has changed and there are no known bugs regarding this. My guess would be that either Zotero for Firefox doesn't point to the same data directory (check under advanced prefs --> files and folders) or that you're simply not seeing the groups because they're collapsed (click on the little triangle to the left of "Group Libraries"
  • Thanks. Something had reset the data directory to the default.
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