webdav sync problem: locked error file

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to sync my laptop to my webdav storage for a couple of days. I don't use it that much for zotero work, unless I am away, or as on this occasion my desktop PC has croaked. There are about 1500 citations with about half as many PDFs in the archive. The laptop zotero library wasn't totally out of date, but it seems to be attempting to download all the files, and eventually runs into a fatal error. (This repeated checking of all library content seems to happen routinely on my work desktop PC too, even when there have been no changes, which seems odd.)


report ID 1470772563

I think this must be webdav related but any tips on how to resolve this would be great thanks.


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    (NS_ERROR_FILE_IS_LOCKED) [nsIFile.remove]" nsresult: "0x8052000e (NS_ERROR_FILE_IS_LOCKED)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/storage/webdav.js :: obj._downloadFile/Zotero.Sync.Storage.WebDAV< :: line 878
    These sorts of errors are usually due to security software. If you have any, try temporarily disabling it. You can also try deleting the 'temp' directory within your Zotero data directory if it still exists when Zotero is closed. (It shouldn't.)

    You should also of course try restarting your computer, if you haven't yet.
  • Thanks Dan

    Are you saying this is an issue on my local computer not the remote storage?

    Anway - I will try these step when I get back later.



    PS(shouldn't you be in bed?)
  • Yes, it's during the WebDAV sync, but has nothing to do with the WebDAV server itself.
  • Just to confirm everything seemed OK after rebooting and leaving the laptop to cool off overnight...
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