Syncing and conflict resolution problem keeps recurring

I recently merged documents in the duplicate folder (large number of duplicates). After which my zotero on firefox begins to slow down and have problems syncing. The tabs that asked me to resolve conflicts keep coming up (528 different conflicts). I followed the instructions, pick the preferred location to sync etc and did it many times. However, the same conflict resolution tabs/messages keep coming back.
My error report ID: 1381180710.

Please help. Thank you.
  • To follow up, I tried to resolve conflict again and the clicked on the exclamation icon beside the sync button after. And the report error message is this: 915709167
  • See Repeated Conflicts to understand what's happening. The conflicts aren't the problem — the problem is the actual sync error you're getting:
    First name 'Contact Email[...]' too long
    You need to search for the name in that error message and shorten it (and you should also tell us where that item came from, in case we need to fix a site translator).

    It may help to temporarily disable auto-sync in the Sync pane of the preferences while you debug this.
  • Many thanks Dan, I think you have helped to solve the problem. It is syncing well now.
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