Can't see my public profile

I can't see my public profile :-( Shouldn't it look something like ?

On a more serious note though (this is aurimas btw), there should probably be a better distinction between user profile URLs and content URLs.

This post was inspired by someone confused why her(?) blog was spammed by Zotero (it was a link to a deleted profile, so it wasn't as clear that it was meant to go to a profile)
  • OK, troublemaker. (Faolan has updated the blacklist. Thanks.)

    Anyway, despite your valiant efforts, that person seems pretty thoroughly confused about how the internet works, so I don't think we want to let them (or spammers) drive design decisions. It's pretty common these days to have user accounts as top-level paths (e.g., Facebook).

    We're planning to remove the People section altogether, so hopefully that will cut down on spam.
  • edited March 11, 2014
    The possibilities are endless (I didn't try very hard, but it could lead to a paypal donation)

    I'm rather glad the profile pages are going away. The spam really makes Zotero look bad (well... slightly worse).

    Edit: my point being that the profile pages are just not distinguished enough to look different from Zotero content.
  • Somewhat related, is the Zotero SVN still online? I'm pretty sure used to point to it, but it's a user profile page now.
  • No, /svn/ is gone — pretty much everything there, including revision history, was long ago moved to GitHub. Trac is still online.
  • Ok, thanks. (note that there are still a bunch of references to the SVN in some of the dev docs: )
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