my library disappeared

well, like the headline says, my entire library has disappeared. When I open the Zotero tab, it's completely blank. The data still seems to be there online on the Zotero server, though. And there are sqlite-files of a couple of MB in the Zotero folder. I went through the instructions in the documentation: disabling all firefox extensions and restarting firefox didn't help. there is only one FF-profile. I pointed Zotero to the data directory in the FF profile manually, to no avail. My log-in credentials for synching are still there in the preferences.
I should maybe add, that my Dad was using my computer for the last couple of days and I noticed that he closed all (including the very last) tabs in firefox (until there was only the z-tab left) before closing it. Not sure sure if that's significant at all...

I'm using FF for Ubuntu 27.0.1 on Ubuntu 12.10 (quantal) with Zotero for FF
  • First thing I'd do is disable auto-sync in the sync tab of the preferences.
    Then - what are the MB sizes of the various .sqlite files exactly?
    Also, provide an error report ID right after restart.
  • Thanks for the response!
    they are 5.8 MB each.
    there is no option for error reporting in the actions menu (i.e. not even a greyed-out option).
  • they are 5.8 MB each.
    That includes zotero.sqlite?

    Do you see the Zotero Quick Start Guide? That's what you'd get if your data directory was accidentally pointed to the wrong directory.

    Otherwise, it's far more likely that this is just a display problem, though I'd expect to see a reportable error. I assume you've checked the Zotero trash? Have you tried switching to pane mode?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for Firefox startup through opening Zotero, using the "Enable after restart" option?
  • great, switching to pane mode brought it back. Thanks a lot!
  • (obviously, if you disabled auto-sync, you can- and should - re-enable it now).
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