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I'm trying to save a webpage that contains a pdf document using Google Chrome (v. 33.0.1750.146 m) for Windows 8 Pro (x64).

Unfortunately, when I click on the right mouse button, I can't see the "Zotero" option showing up on the menu, so that I can save the document. I can do that with Firefox, but with Google Chrome it's not working.

While viewing my preferences, I can see that I have the plugin "Zotero Connector" installed, and I also installed Zotero Standalone, but in fact I can't really understand for what I need to use it while working with Google Chrome.

Does anyone has an idea why this is happening with Google Chrome?


Hugo Daniel
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    If you're viewing a PDF, it's not Chrome displaying the right-click menu — it's the PDF plugin — so you won't see the snapshot option that Zotero adds to Chrome's context menu. (You'll see it if you're on a regular web page.)

    The easiest way to save a PDF to Standalone is to drag the favicon — the icon that appears to the left of the URL — into the Standalone window. (Or, obviously, if there's an actual article details page, you can and should use the address bar icon to save from that instead of trying to save directly from the PDF.)

    There'll likely be a better equivalent to Zotero for Firefox's "Create Web Page Item from Current Page" button at some point.
  • Actually, what I said is true in other browsers, but it looks like it is Chrome's own menu when viewing a PDF, and another extension I have installed does still show its menu option there. I'm not sure if this is a recent change, but we'll have to see if we can display the Zotero menu option there, which would make saving PDFs to Zotero from Chrome much easier. Ticket created.
  • Ok Dan, I'll be waiting for an update on that feature.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Dear all,

    I came across the same request.

    After one year, has something changed regarding fetching PDFs from Chrome's PDF viewer using the Zotero Connector?


  • no news, no. The current, new Firefox "Save to Zotero" button will very likely be included in the Connectors, too, but it's not quite clear when.
  • Alright, thanks for the update @adamsmith!
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