pdf download does not trigger Firefox Save as Zotero


Until recently when I downloaded a pdf file I got a menu entry in Firefox to save the pdf right as a zotero entry.
This has disappeared and I can't see how to get this functionality again.

Thanks for any hints,
  • Do you get a Firefox save dialog (you have chosen to open...) when you save PDFs in Firefox?
  • i noticed this was gone yesterday from PDFs that I opened form Zotero but which opened in Acrobat. very disappointing. It was an exceptionally handy trick
  • It's still there. The option is part of Firefox's standard save PDF dialog. You changed something in how Firefox handles PDFs, this hasn't changed in Zotero for at least a year.

    (though I also don't understand your description. What do you mean by PDFs "opened from Zotero" and why would you want that feature for PDFs already in Zotero?)
  • oops! i meant 'opened from Firefox'.

    Also, hmm. i upgraded to Acrobat 11 a few months ago, I must not have tried to use this feature since then. I'll have to poke around.
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