Keeping citation editor open

Hi there,

I'm using Zotero with Firefox (latest stable version each) and MS Word Office 2007.

Now, when inserting a citation (resp. editing a citation in the case the citation hasn't been edited at the point of creation) into my Word text with the help of the add-in, I have to expand/show the citation editor everytime I want to edit that citation (which is rather often the case) by pressing the "show editor" button (not sure about the English name of it), in other words, being hidden is the editor's standard status.

Is there a possibility to always keep the editor open, as a standard behaviour? If this is not the case, this post might file under feature requests. Thank you very much.

  • No there isn't and I don't think there will be. As per the note above the Show Editor window, it's use has significant disadvantages and is generally discouraged. Obviously you should feel free to use it, but requiring an extra step to get there is by design.
    That said, at least in theory it should be possible to just edit citations in Word and have the changes stick. Have you tried that?
  • Thanks for the quick reply. No, I haven't tried to edit citations directly in Word, but I will give it a try. Other than that, it's unfortunate for me, but I get your point about the editor requiring an extra step to open. Thanks for helping.

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