Some changes in the settings menu on the web-site

Hello everybody,

I would like to suggest some changes that would make the use of the web-site, as I believe, easier. I will first describe my bad experience and then suggest some changes that would have prevented me from doing sad things to my library.

My bad experience

For a week I have been putting a lot of materials in my lib. Some of them were documents, both indexed and not, some were links from amazon. At some point I discovered that I run out of space. I decided to stop file synchonization. At first I could not find it in the settings, then when I find it, I uncklicked "sync full-text content", went on the web-site, went on and deleted manually all the files. I thought that I was just deleting files, not the descriptions. I am a perfectionist, so, I do stupid things sometimes. So did I this time. I deleted all the files from the trash. In the next second I lost everything I had.

It was sad, but I decided to understand why it all happened.
I came to the conclusion, that I:

- Did not understand the difference between "sync full-text content" and "sync attachment files in My Library using" (And I still do not understand what "sync full-text content" mean.

- Assumed that deleting files from the Library on the web-site will just remove the attachments, but not the entries. Later I realised that I could do what I initially intended to do by "purging storage" here (

My suggestions

- Make the meanings of and differences between the "sync attachment files in My Library using" and the "sync full-text content" clearer.

- Unite and

- Make clear that deleting entries of the library on the web-site manually will remove them from the browsed and the stand-alone programme, too.

- Make clear that "Purge storage" will delete neither entries, nor files on Firefox/stand-alone programme, but on the web-site only.

- Make clear the difference between purging storage and deleting entries manually.

I hope that my account will be useful for other people and will help the developers to make Zotero, which I like a lot, better.

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