Dependent styles don't insert notes

Dependent styles that point to parents with class="note" don't actually insert footnotes, even though their parent styles do.

Steps to reproduce (LibreOffice on Ubuntu):

1. In a new document, create a citation with Chicago (note).
--> A footnote is correctly inserted
2. Install "Asian Ethnicity" from the repository, which is a dependent of Chicago (note)
3. Switch to "Asian Ethnicity" in your document
--> The citation is now part of the regular text, no longer a footnote. (It's still correctly formated in Chicago (note) style).
4. Switching back to Chicago (note) again turns this into a footnote.

This doesn't depend on the dependent or parent style, same with all the legal styles dependent on thomson reuters Australia I just added.
  • setting class="note" in the dependent style fixes this, but at least according to the specs, that shouldn't be necessary and may even be illegal. The default-locale is explicitly mentioned as the only formatting to be set in dependent styles.
  • Right. We don't validate against it because that would break many existing styles, but the CSL 1.0.1 spec clearly states that "class" has no effect on dependent styles: "Of these attributes, only version is required on cs:style in dependent styles, while the default-locale attribute may be set to specify an overriding style locale. The other attributes are allowed but ignored."

    I specifically deleted the "class" attribute from dependent styles in 2011, since the information was redundant:
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