[Beta] Capitalization after Colons

  • fbennett, do you know who has the authority to implement your suggestion? I'm asking because no one else has responded to it. Thanks!
  • the authority is basically just Dan, but I doubt he'd have any objections. Anyone can submit pull request with a patch to implement this.
  • Unfortunately, I'm not part of 'anyone' as I don't understand Zotero and the whole process well enough to do it. I have no clue how a patch would have to look like in technical terms.
  • Hi: Is there an update on the "capitalize after colon" functionality? I just added 20 items, and had to manually capitalize after the colon. Really miss the function!

  • nothing close in CSL. fbennett's add-on works, though, see previous page.
  • I've adjusted the link on the previous page to point at the current location.
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    If anyone knows how to automatically synchronise Title and Sub-Title capitalization in Zotero, I'd be grateful for insights as to how this can be achieved.

    Dear Frank,

    I've installed version but it does not work for me. I switch back and forth between Title Case and Sentence Case but I do not achieve automatic capitalization of the first letter of Sub-Title. I've tested it with entries that do have capitalized Short Titles.

    UPDATE: It also does not work in the Zotero standalone version.
  • I've re-tested, and it's working here. There are the conditions for capitalization:

    (1) Test from a clean start of Firefox;
    (2) The style does not apply text case to titles (obviously);
    (3) The colon separating the title from the subtitle is not preceded by a space;
    (4) The Short Title field is an exact match for the content of the Title field, up to the colon.

    (With those settings, it works for me. There is a bug, but it is that the plugin does not disable or uninstall itself properly - it works "a little too well.")

    If it still doesn't work after checking the steps above, let us know an exact title and subtitle that fails, and the version of Firefox that you have installed.
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    Dear Frank,

    What do you mean by "clean start"? It still does not work at my work computer - Zotero standalone and in Firefox 40.0.3 .

    A Title: Heuristics and Biases: The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment
    A Sub-Title: Heuristics and Biases

    The full reference:

    Gilovich, T., Griffin, D., & Kahneman, D. (2002). Heuristics and Biases: The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Is there a way to find out whether your citeproc-js installed properly?

    UPDATE: I just noticed that I had the version 1.0.9(?) installed too. It is now removed but it still does not work.
  • Ah, that could be relevant. What I mean by a "clean start" is to put the plugins into the state you want them (removing 1.0.9, enabling the new one), then stopping Firefox completely, and starting it again.

    The reason for suggesting that is the bug that I noted above; the patch plugins do not currently clean up after themselves, so when you remove one, its effect lingers (the system does not restore the previously-installed processor).

    I'll try to test with vanilla Zotero sometime soon - we have a guest in the house for the next couple of days, so it will be the weekend before I can get to it.
  • Unfortunately, it is still not working. Thank you for looking into this.
  • I am not understanding the basis of this thread. I thought that after much discussion the policy was to lower case the first character of the word following a ":" for sentence cased titles. This would allow the style scripts to set the appropriate case for that character. Are we debating this again? I very much like the current lower case conversion of that character upon calling on Zotero to make the title sentence case.

    If I have misunderstood the thrust of this thread, I apologize.
  • Yes, that's the normal behaviour, but some styles require the upper-casing of the first word of the title, in sentence-case. This thread is about an (apparently misbehaving) alternative version of the processor, installed via a plugin, that is available for that specific purpose. More details here.
  • and that's necessary because CSL currently doesn't have the ability to distinguish between the two different versions of sentence case.
  • Thanks for making this clear to me (and perhaps the others who were confused as I was). This seems to be a very good thing to do.
  • Frank, while you're looking into the plugin, I was wondering--were you considering getting the two Propachi plugins signed by AMO so that they continue to work in Zotero Firefox?
  • I submitted one of them for kicks, and it passed automatic validation. The validator returns three copies of the plugin, one each for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. I have yet to check whether they are identical - if not, then I'll have to do some work on the distribution page. But it looks like they will continue to work.
  • Great! That's excellent to hear.
  • Hi Frank:

    I just installed the uppercase plugin and made sure all of the following was in order:

    (1) Test from a clean start of Firefox;
    (2) The style does not apply text case to titles (obviously);
    (3) The colon separating the title from the subtitle is not preceded by a space;
    (4) The Short Title field is an exact match for the content of the Title field, up to the colon.

    But no luck.

    This was the article I tried it with: http://eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ557144

    Any help you can provide would be helpful.
  • It works here. To run a test with that data, I needed to convert both the Title and the Short Title field to "sentence case" in Zotero. If there is a difference in text case between the Title and Short Title fields, the match fails -- I'll make a note that it should be made indifferent to case.

    If the text-case as well as the characters match up to the colon, and it's still failing, then I guess the next step will be to compare platforms and versions.

    (Tested with Juris-M, but the behaviour should be the same there as in Zotero.)
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