Sync Error "Error processing uploaded data"

I am getting a sync error "Error processing uploaded data". Here is the ID 1771872737. Just started Zotero Standalone (4.0.17) and tried to sync. Thanks!
  • Cannot change existing linkMode for item 24173/CJFE9RHU
    Pretty sure this is caused by ZotFile (unless you use Zutilo too). A ZotFile user reported this, and I told them to report it to you. An attachment's link mode should never change.
  • Thanks! That is caused by the zotfile beta. I posted a warning and took the beta down. Is there any way to do this though? I used to remove an attachment and recreate it when the user changed it from imported to linked (or vise-versa). That triggered Zotero to reindex (in _postProcessFile) so that it hangs briefly. Any way to avoid that when I change from a linked an imported attachment? Thanks!
  • None of the code on the client or server that deals with attachments is currently designed to deal with this, which is why the server rejects the change. (I guess the client doesn't (assuming you did this through the JS API), which I suppose is a bug.)

    This has implications for all sorts of things — folders in 'storage', files on Zotero File Storage, files on WebDAV, maybe full-text indexing/sync, attachments in groups (where linked files aren't currently allowed), and quite possibly other things... I assume ZotFile takes cares of the 'storage' folder itself, but the core code can't count on that, and I don't think it's worth adding lots of extra code to deal with all those other issues. So I think delete-and-recreate is the best we can do here.

    But remember that full-text indexing in the 4.0.18 beta is now much faster, so hopefully those hangs are mostly a thing of the past anyway.
  • Okay, thanks! The javascript API allows you to change the linkMode so I assumed that is okay. Already changed things back and the beta only had a very small number of users of which a subset might have been affected. I will communicate to them.

    By the way, I came across a tiny bug in a feature that is not used by Zotero, I think. In this.ItemProgress.prototype.setProgress, the variable nArcs is not set. So when someone calls progress.setProgress with a value that is not 0 or 100, you get an error. I think nArcs should be set to 20.
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