Zotero workflow for Editorial app on the iPad

I have brewed up two Workflows for the Editorial app for iPad.[1] The first searches a local BibTeX formatted file for citekeys to insert into your document(using the Pandoc - "@" prefix format). The second lets you search you Zotero library (via the cloud API) to add citations to a local BibTeX file. At some point I'll write up a blog post explaining them in more detail...

Insert BibTex Citekey workflow:

Zotero Search workflow:

They are both very BETA at the moment, but I figured I'd toss them out into the world in hopes that people would find bugs. Please use them and let me know here or on twitter (@mcburton) if they are brokeh.

[1] Editorial is a *fantastic* text editor with powerful Python scripting capabilities. http://omz-software.com/editorial/
  • Wow. I have not tried this yet, but this could be key for me. I am contemplating a move to zotero and I keep finding people developing amazing things like this. Very cool. I look forward to trying it out. Thanks!
  • Thank you so much for this, really an amazing idea.

    My one quip with it which I'm actually wondering if you could fix somehow: is there a way to display the listed references by their title (author and name) as opposed to their cite key? But still insert only the cite key not the title..

    I have a number of references by the same author and remembering which year the specific book I need was published is pretty tedious.

    Also, I used this to create a workflow which automatically inserts a footnote with the cite key. Here's the link: http://www.editorial-workflows.com/workflow/5822941774217216/F2aBN1KR4EI
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