Unexpected Error in Retrieving Metadata

Hi Dan,
I have some pdf files that I am tryin to retrieve metadata for in Zotero. (Firefox running on a Mac Mavericks).
I use Google Scholar.

When I run a "Metadata Retrieve" I get "Unexpected Error".
And sometimes "Query Limit Reached" but that was a while ago.
Since I started deleting google cookies I tend not to get that.

I've got a Report ID 634576352.
And a Debug ID is D1281655095.

I've just restarted everything after a 12 hour break.
I had problems before.

Any ideas what I can do?
  • OK: Dan suggested I download Zotero Beta and I did that.
    It seems my problem is solved!

    I now get a window appearing asking for a capcha when I do a Retrieve Metadata from a pdf file in Zotero.
    So I can DO something about things.

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