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Hi everybody!

In win 8.1, with a HD 12.5" display, the size of fonts and icons in generall is too small for me. When I increase the size of everything in the Display settings to 150%, this works fine for all programms, except Zotero standalone. With these settings, text gets very blurry.
This issue only applies to Zotero standalone. It works fine in the Firefox plugin.

See here (Upper part: Standalone; lower part: plugin):

Any idea how to fix this? I already tried to change the font size in Zotero.

Thanks, D.
  • I am having the same issue. My display is 14" 1080p. In Win8.1 settings, I set "Change the size of all item" to medium. The fonts in Zotero just look blurry. I think this is due to the DPI is not recognized in Zotero standalone so the font is not properly scaled to take advantage of the high DPI. Firefox takes care of this properly so Zotero plugin works fine.

    This is also a problem in some other programs (for example Chrome) that don't handle DPI perfectly. As I googled a bit, there are some workarounds in Chrome settings that solves it partially. But I haven't found any for Zotero.

    Any solutions would be much appreciated.

  • Hi
    Found a solution for most programs:

    Rightclick on program.exe
    choose "properties
    go to "compatibility"
    check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings".

    This works for most programs with this issue... I was not able yet to solve this same "blurry" issue in some system settings (e.g. device manager), since there is no *.exe file to change these compatibility settings.

  • Thank you so very very very much, this solved my problem!
  • Tweaking compatibility settings worked for me, so thank you. I didn't have the option dpreiswerk mentioned, though, so I checked 'Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by: Application'.

    (Windows 10 with 23" monitor - 2560 x 1440 resolution.)
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