firefox hangs

zotero addon seems to be the one that freezes my firefox unendlessly unitl I force quit, everytime I use it.
When it freezes, it sounds like there is a lot of writings occuring on the hdd.
My zotero library is very large, but I never had any problem before. Problem started to occur in firefox 26, still happening after updating to 27.

Any clue?

I use zotero a lot, so this is very annoying.


  • You're at your file sync quota (and should be seeing a message to that effect). If you don't want to purchase a storage subscription (or use a third-party WebDAV server), you should disable file syncing in the Sync pane of the preferences. Currently, in large libraries, being at quota will cause some slowdowns as Zotero repeatedly checks to see what files need to be uploaded.
  • Hi,

    I know but I have long disabled the sync files feature in my zotero setting. So it has to do with something else.

    I am also part of a group library with a subscription, with 350 files online. This one is syncing but only 7% of subscription space is used.

    Any other idea?


  • Then we'll need a Debug ID for a operation that's slow. It's highly unlikely that you actually need to force quit it — whatever it's doing, if you let it go it will almost certainly finish on its own — but if you're not on Windows you can also generate real-time debug output, which you can email to with a link to this thread. That would work even if you had to force-quit it (though I'd guess that you would see it actually doing stuff).
  • Here is my debug Id: D778527808
  • 1) Is D:, where you have your Zotero database, a local drive or a network drive?

    2) Did you by any chance change the max pages/characters settings in the Search pane of the Zotero preferences?

    In any case, I suspect you'd find that the 4.0 Beta would fix this for you, so I would try installing that. The slowdowns you're seeing look to be from background indexing of synced full-text content, and the beta is much faster at that.
  • D is a local drive (second hdd).

    No, settings in the search options are default.

    Going to give a try to the beta, see if it works for me.

  • Still lagging... Here is a new debug id: D1679058237
  • Never been as bad....

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    What kind of lagging are you seeing, exactly?

    Since full-text indexing is much faster in the beta, it will try to index some large documents that it skipped previously. It starts doing that if you don't touch the computer for about five seconds while Zotero is open and stops if you touch the mouse or keyboard. I suspect if you just let it go for a few minutes without touching the mouse or keyboard it will finish and be fine after that.
  • The whole firefox UI just freezes repeteadly.

    I just moved my zotero folder on my main drive (ssd), which should be much faster at handling writing operations. See what it does.
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    This is almost certainly only going to be an issue as Zotero processes a backlog of your many large documents, which it will do if you just let it go for a short while. New individual documents should process fairly instantaneously in the beta.
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