Temporarily Disable Proxy Redirect

I really enjoy Zotero's proxy redirect feature---it's extremely useful.

However, I think the feature would be greatly improved if there were a button to disable the proxy redirect for certain domains for the session.

For example, Zotero automatically configured psp.sagepub.com to redirect through my University's proxy. This is normally a great feature that allows me to download PDFs of the articles through my University account.

However, this feature becomes a problem when I need to log into PSPB's author/reviewer center, because (for whatever reason), I cannot log into PSPB's website when I am accessing it through a proxy. Currently, I have to disable Zotero every time I want to log into PSPB's (and many other journals') webpages.

One solution to this problem would be to have a banner appear that says, "Zotero has redirected psp.sagepub.com through a proxy" and then have a button that says, "Disable proxy redirection on this domain for this session" (similar to how when Firefox blocks a pop-up window, it has a button that says, "allow this time").
  • edited February 5, 2014
    You can disable the re-direct feature in the proxy tab of the preferences.
  • Thanks, Adam. That's marginally quicker than disabling Zotero. I'd still suggest a temporary disable button at the time of redirect.
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