mass-editing of more than one item


since zotero is a database application, it would be very handy to have mass-editing functions. When having more than one item selected, it would be great to be able to (via the context menu?):
* delete the contents of selected fields
* overwrite/add specific contents to selected fields
* search and replace strings in selected fields
* also related items should be assignable this way.

What do you think about that?

for me this would come in extremely handy! Quite often, for example the field Journal Abbr. gets not filled in (because there is no info about it on the site: normally it's either the full journal title, or the short one, but very rarely both).

  • Please search the forums for more info, but:

    batch editing is planned, but it may take some time to actually implement.
  • ah, now i found it:

    i was looking for the wrong terms :-)

    it has as milestone version 1.5, but it doesnt seem to be in there!?

  • it has as milestone version 1.5, but it doesnt seem to be in there!?
    The 1.5 Sync Preview is just that—a preview of sync functionality. There are a few additional experimental features included that were mentioned in the announcement, but the focus is on syncing.

    Features marked as 1.5 in Trac may make it into later 1.5 builds or may be pushed back to later releases.
  • 1.5 is not finished. The preview which is currently out is still a work in progress. You might also be confusing 1.5 with 1.0.5, which are different releases.
  • whow, many thanks for the extremely fast replies!

    ok, so i feel very much pleasant anticipation for the next releases :-)

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