JSTOR "issue" getting filled with wrong info

On a Mac with Safari 7.0.1 and the Zotero standalone.

Clicking on the connector button when viewing an article in JSTOR gets the wrong info stuck into the "issue" field. For example,


which has the following RIS:

Provider: JSTOR http://www.jstor.org
Database: JSTOR
Content: text/plain

JO - The Journal of Roman Studies
TI -
VL - 82
IS -
PB - Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
SN - 00754358
UR - http://www.jstor.org/stable/301294
AU - Frier, Bruce W.
DO - 10.2307/301294
T3 -
Y1 - 1992/01/01
SP - 231
EP - 232
CR - Copyright © 1992 Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
M1 - ArticleType: book-review / Full publication date: 1992 / Copyright © 1992 Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
ER -

The M1 data seems to get put into the issue field, instead of [nothing].
  • Thanks, we'll take a look.
  • @Aurimas - you have M1 as a fallback for issue in the RIS translator. Thoughts on how to handle this? I see two main options:
    1. Remove it in the JSTOR web translator or
    2. Remove it when we have an IS tag, even when it's empty.
  • @John, should be fixed now. Update your translators via Preferences -> General -> Update Now

    @adamsmith, went with option 1
  • Excellent. Thanks!
  • This was caused by the recent change to support Endnote import. Endnote (for some reason) puts journal issue numbers into 'M1'. Does this fix still maintain the Endote compatibility? If not, is it reasonable to submit a forked "Endnote Import" to handle its inconsistencies?
  • the fix is in the JSTOR translator, so Endnote import isn't affected.
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