Links from Google searches does not work on mobiles

Dear Zotero,

The links from a Google CSE search does not work on Android mobiles.

Please test the links in the search results here in a desktop browser and in a mobile:

The hit links works on the desktop, but not in a mobile.

I tested this from latest Google Chrome on desktop and on Android.
  • Taking a second look at it I found the URL format for an item is actullay the same on a mobile as for a desktop browser. You can see that if you browse with a mobile.

    However that does not help since the original URL to an item is lost somehow while formatting for mobile.

    Instead of coming to an item the user is shown the group library.
  • Try now.

    This is not that it is loading the wrong page or that the url is lost. Links to current library pages are always the entire library interface. The mobile view chooses which section to display. In this case, it was not inferring that it should show the metadata for a single item when it was the first page load, and the mobile UI is designed without taking that possibility into account.
  • Ah, thanks fcheslack! :-)

    That part works nicely now. So I can tell users of the library that they can reach it through their mobiles now. Very nice!
  • (Oh, yes, I understand how it is implemented. I just called it "lost" ;-) )
  • You're the man fcheslack!
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