Cannot install Libreoffice plugin in Linux

I've tried to do the manual installation of the Libreoffice plugin after the automated process failed. On attempting to install the plugin I get the following error in the extension manager:


Please advise.
  • which linux distro & version? Which LO version?
  • edited January 28, 2014
    If the distro has a libreoffice-java-common package, make sure that's installed. (Our installer tries to do that for you, but this was the issue here.)
  • Thanks guys for the quick response. Distro is Ubuntu 13.10 and LO version

    Installation of libreoffice-java-common has done the trick; however for some reason I have only text rather than icons for Insert Citation, Edit Citation etc.
  • That seems to happen occasionally, I don't think anyone knows quite why.
  • I see. And I'm guessing there's no workaround or solution?
  • well, various people report success here:
    most commonly just by re-installing the LO plugin
  • Thanks adamsmith. I had to delete the openoffice config file before reinstalling the plugin for it to work.
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