Zotero Standalone and Firefox not interacting

I've searched the forum for this, but because of search terms (Standalone, Firefox) searching for this is tough. Sorry about any duplication.

I've observed that in the past 6 months or so, Firefox and Zotero Standalone don't communicate. If I go to Google Scholar or NY Times, I don't get the icon to add the item to Zotero. If I use Chromium (Chrome), however, I can get the icon. Sometimes I can fix this by restarting Firefox, but the fix seems to be random.

I use Firefox due to its extensions, and I wonder if any of them figure into the problem:
* HTTPS Everywhere
* Do Not Track Me
* TrueBlock
* No script
(As you can imagine, I avoid Chrome because I prefer not to be tracked!)

I use Linux Mint (14-16), Firefox 24-26, and Zotero Standalone 4.0+
  • A fair number of Zotero translators rely on cookies, so you may very well run into problems on import, but that's not the problem here: Cookies have nothing to do with the URL bar icon being shown.

    But yes,
    run through these:

    and as per 9., do try what happens when you disable all add-ons, restart and try again. FF let's you delete all cookies added within a certain period, so you can just wipe it afterwards.
  • To test this, I did a "factory reset" on Firefox to remove all add-ons:


    I then reinstalled the Zotero extension on FFX and linked it to my Zotero folder (the folder shared by Standalone and the FFX install).

    After restarting both programs, the two interacted again (at Google Scholar, NYTimes).

    However, if I close Firefox and keep Standalone open, and then relaunch Firefox, there's no interaction. The URL bar icon does not appear.

    This is a different behavior than Chrome, which will connect to Standalone every time I launch it (so long as Standalone is open).

    It seems that in the past few months, Firefox and Standalone are increasingly disconnected.
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