Word 2010 jumps to bibliography after inserting citation

When I add a new citation in Word 2010, the cursor frequently jumps to the bibliography at the end of the document. I then have to search back through the document for the location I was editing.

This behavior will last for a long time...then it will disappear again, but always returns.

I often have multiple Word documents open. I tried closing them all and restarting Word. After the restart, the insertion of citations works properly again, even if I open multiple documents. Based on the history, at some point, the behavior is sure to return, however.

Any clues as to what is causing this?
  • I'm not sure why it jumps to bibliography, but when it does, pressing shift-f5 should take you back to the place you most recently edited.
  • That works; thanks. (It's still annoying, but more recoverably so.)
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