How to cite a reference using a superscript number in document

I'm writing a report and have been able to create a bibliography. Due to a limitation in the number of pages allowed, rather then citing a reference by the author and year (Smith & Tucker 2009), I need to use a number that corresponds to the reference in the document and on the reference page at the end of the report. I don't know if in Zotero there is a way to assign a number to a reference.
  • Yes. Use e.g. the citation style for Nature or Vancouver (superscript) from (there are many more). Create the list of references using "Insert bibliography"
  • I'd like to use the APA style for the reference page. Vancover does not list the journal articles in the way I need them to be listed. Is there a way to use APA style for the reference page, but still have a way to use the superscript number in the main part of the document? Also, when I used Vancover, the number in the document appeared like this, (1), I wanted it to just be a superscript, however, when I tried to change it to superscript, the number disappeared.

    Thank you for your help. This is the first time I'm using a program such as Zotero.
  • no, you can't "mix" styles, but you can likely find something along the lines of what you need. If the main requirements are superscript citations and full journal titles, have a look at "American Heart Association", "American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics", or "Journal of Visualized Experiments" all available on
  • Any chance someone who is reading this has made a custom style using superscript numbers (Nature) in the running text and a numbered bibliography with the references in APA style?
    This is what gtucke asked for, and 4 years later I am looking for the same...
    Poor psychologists writing grants with word limit ;-)
  • @bwiernik might have that?
  • never mind, I managed to edit the citation style. not sure it went 100% correctly, so not sharing (yet)
  • The link I gave is the style you want.
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