Convert linked file attachments to stored attachments

I have set up my library to work with linked file attachments, using the ZotFile extension to rename and store them on a network disk, so that these files can be opened from multiple machines.

Now I would like to share these items & their file with a group library. Members of this group have no access to the aforementioned network drive. Therefore I require a functionality to convert the file link of the items (that I copy to the group) to real stored attachments within the group library at least.

I conclude from my (google) prospection that this is not (yet?) possible.
1) is this right?, and 2) if so, can anyone tell if this feature is to be expected, and 3) if not, who should be approached to ask whether this can be feasibly 'arranged'?
  • You won't be able to copy the linked file to the group, so if you're going to do this, it needs to happen in your library first, then you can drag transfer the items to the group (unless I'm overlooking something, you should be able to reverse this again afterwards).
    The way to go is through ZotFile again - it can not just link items that are stored in Zotero, it can also do the reverse.

    1. Select "Attach Copy of Stored Files" in the General Tab of the Zotfile preferences
    2. Select all the items you want to transfer to the group in Zotero's middle panel --> Manage Attachments --> Rename Attachments
    You will note that the icon's change and all attachments are now stored in Zotero.
    3. Drag the items to the group, check that the attachments transferred.
    4. (Optional) Go back to your library. Set ZotFile back to moving items to their custom location, and again do Rename Attachments to again convert stored files to linked files
  • If you are going to do step 4, I'd recommend disabling sync (at least file sync) while you're doing this.
  • Thanks for the clear explanation, adamsmith. I did not realize ZotFile can do the reverse. I didn't try out yet, but I expect it will solve my problem.
  • once again, adamsmith, thanks for solving a nagging issue for me. I'd upgraded laptops and not gotten Zotero fully reconfigured so was having new attachments/records sync and upload. This solved it!
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