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I have just tried to import the new endnote style import feature. I downloaded this style: http://www.uni-koeln.de/kzfss/konventionen/KZfSS_output_style.ens

The import into Zetero went fine, but the results are somewhat incorrect. For instance I get:
(Siegel Lekas 2002) instead of (Siegel/Lekas 2002)
Page-specifications are not displayed: (Siegel 2002) instead of (Siegel 2002: 22)
in the bibliography: all authros schould be listed as lastname, firstname. I get this now only for the first author of a given citation, but not for the other authors of the same citation. Also, all authors or editors should be separated by "/", but the same happens as in the in-text citations

For comparison see the journal's guidelines:
(scroll down for examples)

I'm not sure if the problem is with Zotero or with the style provided by the journal as I don't have endnote to test this.
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    I tested a couple of other endnote styles, but I had trouble importing some of them. After trying to import, I got the message " This does not appear to be a valid CSL file"

    This happened for instance with:
    Sociology of Health and Illness, report ID: 1697018764
    Social Forces, report ID: 347946111

    But it worked with European Sociological Review or Social Problems.

    European Sociological Review didn't seem to produce any obvious errors in the output on first sight. But the style for Social Problems had a lot of errors, such as:
    No brackets for the citations, just Brandt2002 (without a space between author and year)
    Nothing between multiple authors, just Siegel Lekas 2002
    missing spaces at several positions in the bibliography etc., e.g.:
    Leonard, Lori Jonathan Ellen2008“The Story of My Life”: AIDS and ‘Autobiographical Occasions’Qualitative Sociology3137-56
    Omoto, A.M. A.L. Crain1995AIDS, Identity, and Community187-209AIDS, Identity, and CommunityThousand Oaks, London, New DelhiSage
  • I'm on record as believing adding Endnote styles support is a bad idea, in part for reasons like this.

    But it would be really good, I suspect, if people reporting problems with Endnote styles could try to identify whether the problems they are seeing are because of the style, or whether they are because of bugs in Zotero's import parser.

    In short, for those of you with access to Endnote, confirm that the problems you are seeing in Zotero are not also there in Endnote.
  • Good point. The problem with KZfSS_output_style.ens seems to be with the style file itself. The problems noted with Social Problems appear to be related to Zotero's parser. Endnote's styles are far less flexible than Zotero's CSL styles, and users should plan to choose CSL styles whenever possible.
  • well, except that I have found - at least in my case - choosing specific CSL styles to be very often impossible as they are not available.
    Would it be an idea to provide a more thorough introduction into CSL programming, some kind of CSL-for-dummies/total novices? I looked into the CSL Syntax summary and the xbiblio-site hoping to learn how to make styles from scratch, but as a total novice I'm afraid I couldn't get more out of it than tweaking existing styles here and there. I did follow the discussions in the forums about the style generator. This sounds very exciting, but I'm not sure how soon that will be available for broader usage.
  • Please let me know if theres a working KZfSS style!
    In general theres few german..
  • @fon:
    there's now a style for Kölner Zeitschrift available, see also:
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