Enable local file links for groups


at the moment it is not possible to add a local file link to an item of a group library. Could the local file link be enabled especially for private groups? This would help me (and others) a lot.

I red a lot of disussions about this topic.

On the one hand the zotero dev team fears that local file links will often not work on different computers. And therefore this feature is only available for the personal MyLibrary.

On the other hand a lot of zotero users need this local file link to be able to combine an (already existing) pdf-file repository lying on a shared network drive with the group-possiblities of zotero (collabarate tagging, note taking, exchange).

Perhaps one solution could be to allow some more group settings. There could be a button "enable local file links". So the zotero user / zotero group can decide whether or not "local file links" make sense for this group or not.

  • I doubt this will be added as an option - too many options are not just a problem for general usability and documentation, but they also make support/troubleshooting a mess.
    Dan has been pretty clear on what he thinks about this: Relative links for groups need to be implemented (which shouldn't be terribly hard now that we have relative links) and once that's done he'll enable local links for groups.
  • Thanks adamsmith for your answer.
    Then I will wait, until relative links will be added to groups.
  • Is this feature available yet?
    I would really like to be able to use it... even if it is hidden in the Advanced Settings
  • No updates, no.
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