Save multiple items from Wiley

Hi there:

I'm trying to save multiple items from a Wiley site:

However, I receive the following message:

"An error occurred while saving this item. Check Known Translator Issues for more information."

It works if I just save one item but fails if I select 2+ items. Any idea why this happens?

I'm using Win7x64 with most recent zotero SA + Chrome.

  • I can replicate that, though not quite sure what's going on yet.
    Do you have access to the PDFs of the articles?
  • Yes, I do have access to the pdfs and can access them individually.
  • (@aurimas - if you spot something obvious. I don't really see what's going on, so this would take me a long time)
  • There's currently a bug in Zotero that causes this. Proposed patch here:
  • Hey's a thread dig but this issue has cropped up for me today using Standalone 4.02 and Chrome on Wiley at

    I was able to grab them individually but when trying to get more than 1 at a

    Any progress on a fix?
  • could you confirm your Zotero version, please? This should work in up to date Zotero, which is 4.0.20 - 4.02 never existed, 4.0.2 is long outdated.
  • Sorry...typo. It's the latest version 4.0.20. Just updated when I opened it this morning...
  • confirmed on Chrome. Works with Firefox. Not sure why this isn't working, but similar issue as above.
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