zotero+firefox = crashes

Hi, it's been a few days since my zotero started to crash everytime I try to use it (firefox version). Here is my error report id: 1477141630.

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  • And this one as well from another computer. Is i due to my collection or to firefox maybe?


    Thank you
  • And this one in STandelone:

    Zotero believes you are out of disk space.
  • Yes, I figured. Is it the case in all 3 reports?

    I really don't know what to do about that. It happens on 2 different machines, with zotero firefox plugin and standelone. I've been using zotero for years and this had never happened before.
  • Wait, you appear to have your Zotero data directory in Dropbox. You shouldn't do that, and we can't help you as long as that's the case. It causes all sorts of issues and can easily corrupt your database.
  • Ok. Thank for your answer. I have been doing this for at least two years, never had a problem. Anyway, I moved my zotero folder to a local dir. and created a new storage folder in dropbox using relative links for future references. Yet, it still crashes: here is my last crash id: 1526191742
  • Can you disable your other Firefox extensions and provide another Report ID?
  • Hi,

    no more crash yet. By the way I have manually repaired my .sqlite, which was found with inconsistencies by zotero's native diagnostic tool.

    I have one more question: I specified a relatvie path for attached files. Yet, when I download a ref. the attached PDF keeps on being placed in the main zotero folder. How do I get this to work?I can't find a detailed tuto on this.

    Thanks for your help
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    Please start new threads for separate issues.
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