Feature request: More menus

There's a dearth of menus in the standalone and I find myself looking for some more. Some of the functionality is in the contextual menus, but those don't provide quite the same ease of use.

For example, a menu dedicated to Items would be great. There could be, for example, a "Duplicate Item" item with a keyboard equivalent (Command-D?). Here's a typical workflow of mine:

1. Import a book from WorldCat.
2. Duplicate it via contextual menu.
3. Change duplicate to "Book section" type.
4. Enter new info for book section.

#2 requires the contextual menu, whereas as nice command-D would be much faster. Likewise some commands to change the item type could go under here as well, or ones to add a note or a tag to the selected item.

(I'd also move the "New item" item from File to this new menu.)
  • FWIW - the internal Zotero command for duplicate item is:
    and it's possible to add a keyboard shortcut for that using keyconfig
    while I have only used it in Firefox myself, the developer of Zutilo (another app that you should look into if you like keyboard shortcuts) says it works on Standalone, too:
  • I'll give that a shot, but it doesn't change the request. Having to do this kind of thing is fairly non-trivial. I think most users could use a new menu for this. In truth the Zotero menus are pretty sparse.
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