Notes in report are presorted by tag(s)

I'm writing a review of an article, and I have 34 child notes attached to it.

In order to facilitate reading the notes, I thought generating a report was the answer (easier than clicking on each note in Zotero.)

The problem is, each of the notes has different tags associated with it, and the report groups the notes by tag, and not just by the first line of the note.

Each of my notes begins with the page number, but when the report sorts the tags first by tag(s), I can no longer just read the notes in the order they occur in the article. For this use, I don't care what the tags are for each note. I just want to read the notes in page number order.

I tried using the Report customizer and eliminate _tags_ from the report. Well, it did eliminate the tags themselves, but the report still presorted the notes by the tags.

I've spent about 30 minutes searching for the answer to this, but can't find anything.

Am I missing something?

FF 26.0
Win 7
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