Style error: american-political-science-association.csl

container-title of chapter and paper-conference is rendered in sentence case, should be in title case.

Not sure about collection-title, maybe this should be rendered in title case, too.

Suggested patch:

--- american-political-science-association.csl.orig 2014-01-02 11:52:12.000000000 +0000
+++ american-political-science-association.csl 2014-01-02 11:53:07.000000000 +0000
@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@
<text macro="title" prefix=" " suffix="."/>
<group prefix=" " delimiter=" ">
<text term="in" text-case="capitalize-first"/>
- <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic" suffix=","/>
+ <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic" text-case="title" suffix=","/>
<text variable="collection-title" suffix=","/>
<text macro="editor" suffix="."/>
<group suffix=".">
  • edited January 2, 2014
    The style is now fixed. The updated version will appear on the repository within 30mins (check the timestamp). Update your copy of the style by clicking "Update Now" in the General tab of the Zotero preferences.

    Styles also update automatically within 24hs for Zotero 4.0+
    In an existing document, you may have to switch to a different style and back for the changes to take effect once the style is updated.
    Any further problems please let us know & thanks for reporting
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