HTTP300 error on WebDAV


I wanted to restore the library from my WebDAV server. After downloading a few files ever attempt to sync now results in an error.

Report ID: 1065983215

Thanks for your help!
  • This is a problem with your WebDAV server, but can you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that triggers the error?
  • Sure

    The Debug ID is D2068124210.

    Thanks, Dan!

  • You're getting an HTTP 300 error trying to download /zotero/ 300 means "Multiple Choices", which is a rare error that should generally only occur if a request is ambiguous — for example, if there are both foo.txt and foo.html files and the client doesn't specify which it prefers. I'm not sure why that would be happening for a request like (but not for 762KZ694.prop, which your Zotero requested successfully first), so you'd have to look at the file list on your server and/or talk to your WebDAV provider.
  • there is only a 762KZ694.prop but no

    I suppose it is a server side problem because it gives me a HTTP 300 when it -- I guess -- should give a HTTP 404?

  • OK, yeah, we've seen this sort of overly helpful behavior before (usually from the Apache "mod_speling" module, if I recall), and we actually have a workaround for it in the context of some other file sync requests. I've created a ticket to add the same workaround to the prop/zip requests as well, but in the meantime deleting that .prop file might get your syncing going again.
  • Sync is running. Thanks for your help!

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