Zotero bugs (found when creating CSL stylesheet)

The website says you prefer bugs here rather than in Trac :-) I'll put all the ones I've found in the same post, and you can split them up and file them as you like.

1) Behaviour of <if is-numeric>.

This test returns "true" for strings like "21st century". The stylesheet I am deriving from basically does the following for the "Edition" box:
<if is-numeric>
# Print number plus ordinal marker and " ed."
# Print string as-is

So "21st century ed." should come out as just that, a literal, but because <if is-numeric> returns true, it gets run through <number variable="edition" form="ordinal">, which strips the text (not sure if that's so wise either) and you get "21st ed."

Also (and you may say this isn't a bug, it's just bad luck), the style I am trying to follow occasionally requires something like "1874" to be in the edition field. But I cannot do that because I get "1874th ed." But I can't see a way of saying "Only do the number thing if the number is less than e.g. 100". Am I just unfamiliar with CSL, or is there no way to do this?

The only way around these problems seems to me to be to make Edition a plain literal, without any fancy behaviour. However, losing the ability to put a "2" into the box and have it say "2d ed" (note weirdness; not "2nd ed" - that doesn't work either, is there any way to configure the ordinalization?) seems a shame.

2) The format I am trying to write notates reprints by adding "; Reprint; " in a particular place. However, there is no way of saying that a particular Zotero item is a reprint. Can we have a checkbox to indicate this?

3) The date parser can't cope with date ranges. I put "1961-67" in the "Date" box, and <date-part name="year"> reduces that to "1961". It shouldn't.

4) I can't work out why, but despite the fact that the Journal type has a URL field to fill in, the data doesn't seem to be available in the stylesheet. <text variable="URL"> is simply empty, as if it wasn't filled in.

Let me know if you need more info - gerv@gerv.net.

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