behavior of "generate report" under linux

One request I know several people have made is to be able to generate reports (say, from a search or a collection) that show not only citation info but those all-important notes.

I was hoping to print out a bunch of notes today, and was glad to see when I right-clicked on a collection folder, I got a "generate report" option. However when I invoked it under my primary OS, (k)ubunutu 6.10, nothing seemed to happen. There were no error messages or hangups, just no report.

Out of curiosity I rebooted in windows and tried it there with a different dataset (my real data is under kubuntu). It seemed to work, filling the browser screen with a report and the address bar with an address starting zotero://...

Should this be working under linux? Anything I can do? Thanks!
  • Works fine in Gentoo (both x86 and amd64).
  • I suspect the issue is with the data, not Linux, though I could be wrong.

    bottleman, do you have javascript.options.showInConsole on? Can you check that that's on in about:config and, if it wasn't, let us know if any errors show up in the Error Console when you try to generate the report?
  • Ok, Dan, I turned javascript.options.showInConsole on.

    When I try to generate a report, the console reports this error:

    Error: column.substring is not a function
    Source File: chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/itemTreeView.js
    Line: 852

    And the relevant part of that source file seems to be:
    Zotero.ItemTreeView.prototype.getSortField = function() {
    var column = this._treebox.columns.getSortedColumn()
    if (!column) {
    return false;
    // zotero.items._________.column
    return column.substring(13, column.length-7);

    I don't know javascript, but are you suggesting there is no value to be returned? Or that some function called column.substring has not been defined yet? It's been a while since I did any programming..

    Hope this helps!
  • OK, that menu option is indeed broken in Beta 3—the only time it'll work is in a fresh installation before a column is selected for sorting (which I suspect is why it appeared to work in Windows).

    I fixed this in the code (column.substring should be You could patch it yourself, but you can also just select all items in the collection and use the "Generate Report from Selected Items" context menu option, which should work fine.

    Thanks for the bug report.
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