Library gone after FF update!?


I just updated to FF 26. After the installation FF asked me to "reset" FF. Even though I never had this in any of the previous updates, I thought of a new feature and clicked yes. When I next restarted FF, all my addons including Zotero were gone!

Of course, the first thing I checked was the library by installing the addon anew and syncing from the server. But apparently the last sync date was months ago! I actually though Zotero automatically syncs my library in the background, as I see the little roundish arrow moving sometimes without clicking anything. That was probably a mistake.

Logging on to my account on also shows that there are not more citations available. That means my last hope is probably some offline copy that Zotero should have somewhere on my HDD, right? I mean if the data wasn't synced, it should still be on my system somewhere. While resetting, FF created a folder on my desktop "old FF data" (translation might be incorrect as I use the German version). This folder contains data for some other addons, but not Zotero.

Is there a backup of my library anywhere on my HDD? I hope I did not overwrite it with the fresh installation and syncing process. Can someone please help me? I am literally weeks away from handing in my PhD and losing most of my citations now would set me back weeks (I use a lot of archival material that is quite labor intensive to add).

Hoping for a little Christmas miracle here!
  • Markus,

    Start here:

    Please post back if you have problems or questions.
  • Corrigendum: The FF generated folder does contain data for Zotero. There is, for example, a "zotero.sqlite" file (11 MB). Maybe I can use that file to reset my library? Also there are subfolders called "locate", "storage", "styles", and "translators". The "storage" subfolder itself contains 190 more subsubfolders (worth almost 200 MB). Is that where my library is?

    My hopes are rising that I can get my data back...
  • Yes - 11MB for the zotero.sqlite sounds right for your size library. See arggem's link (and other sections on that page) for more.
  • Thanks arggem & adam! Replacing zotero.sqlite worked. The library was restored to its latest version and I just synced the data with the server in case something like this happens again ;)

    Merry X-Mas from Austria!
  • Unless the sync took care of it, you probably also wanted to replace the "storage" folder. This folder contains all of your file attachments (PDFs, snapshots), so you would not be able to open any of them after replacing just the zotero.sqlite. If your attachments were stored on the server, they may just sync automatically (though I'm not sure if that would be triggered after they had already synced with the old library).
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