problem with the biblatex/bibtex export

I just imported from a bibtex reference to zotero. Here is the reference style:

Title = {title},
Author = {author name},
Booktitle = {booktitle},
Year = {2007},
Organization = {organization},
Pages = {233--262}

After the importation, I tried to export this reference to bibtex/biblatex.

With bibtex export:

title = {title},
booktitle = {booktitle},
author = {author name},
year = {2007},
pages = {233–262}

With biblatex export:

title = {title},
pages = {233–262},
booktitle = {booktitle},
booktitle = {booktitle},
author = {author name},
year = {2007}

In both bibtex and biblatex export, we loose the field "organization". It sounds like a bugs.

Moreover, biblatex export duplicate the filed "booktitle". If you copy/paste the (first) bibtex reference, you should be able to reproduce the problem.
  • but what is organization here? I don't see what Zotero field that could import into. The duplicate booktitle in biblatex we'll fix.
  • In BibLaTeX, organization is essentially the publisher. There is no formal definition of it in BibTeX.
  • but no reason we couldn't support it as a fallback for publisher on bibtex import then?
  • It isn't a terrible choice. But there are @inproceedings and @proceedings that include BOTH an organization and a publisher. I haven't checked what the popular styles do with that info, though.
  • Sorry to answer so late.

    @adamsmith "but what is organization here? I don't see what Zotero field that could import into."

    I don't know exactly but I found some reference on the Internet with both a publisher and *organization* field. An institution could want to have its name printed even if this book have already scientific editors and a publisher. All three should be printed (I had the feeling that zotero shouldn't delete this information when exporting...)

    But I have no clue about how to convert it.

    P-S : "The duplicate booktitle in biblatex we'll fix." > Thanks
  • duplicate booktitle was fixed a while ago.
    I just pushed a change to the bibtex translator that uses organization or institution as a fallback for publisher.
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