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  • He just got back to me after I emailed him about posting here. He's not getting a sync error, just the message about the WebDAV server.
  • Then these apply:
    start a new thread for that.
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    I am having the same problem as described in the original post. Running OSX, have a Box Enterprise account provided by my university.

    "Unknown error" occurs when click "verify server" under "file syncing" menu (Full message is:"An unknown error occurred. Please check your file sync settings or contact your WebDAV server administrator.")

    Sync URL is Another colleague has set up the Zotero-Box sync without problems.

    The Debug ID is D1602215836

    Please advise how to fix.
  • illegaldefenses: Upgrade to the latest version of Zotero. If you're still having trouble, provide another Debug ID from that version.
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    @Dan: Uninstalled then reinstalled the latest version of Zotero standalone. Still unable to sync to Box. Do I need to completely wipe all Zotero files from my computer (including Firefox))?

    The Debug ID is D1278765900

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    @Dan: I think I figured it out. Had to set up the sync to Box via the Firefox extension, not the Zotero standalone for OSX. I will search around Box, Zotero and Firefox to make sure that the sync worked and update this post after.

    Update: The sync via Firefox worked. There is a Zotero folder in my Box account.

    Confusing but simple fix. Thanks for the patience and assist.
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    @Dan: Sorry to spam, but I've been playing around and run into a problem that hopefully you can help me trouble shoot:

    The Zotero Standalone does not sync to Box (re: "unknown server error....check WebDAV"). It appears that all Zotero-to-Box actions must be performed through the Zotero Firefox extension. Is this normal?

    If this is abnormal please help me trouble shoot this.

    FYI: I am an early Zotero adopter so used it via Firefox long before the standalone for OSX became available. I use the Firefox extension when I am performing research and the standalone when I am annotating, writing or creating bibliographies from imported items.


    UPDATE: RE: your reply to my query. Something strange happened (i.e. I copied and pasted from Firefox into standalone, but no resolution.) I closed all browser windows (e.g. this forum), Firefox extension and standalone. Then re-opened Firefox, confirmed sync, closed Firefox, then opened standalone, confirmed sync. Lastly came back to forum to update. Thanks, Dan.
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    You most likely just entered the WebDAV URL incorrectly in the Standalone preferences. There's no difference in functionality here between Firefox and Standalone.
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