"The" in publication name

I'm sure this has come up before, but it is very hard to search for the keyword "the". Depending on where Zotero gets the metadata, "The" may or may not appear in a publication name like "The New York Review of Books" or "The Chronicle of Higher Education". What are best practices for removing/leaving "The" in the publication name, and how does this interact with different citation styles? If it is there, will it get stripped out if a citation style says not to include it?
  • Unfortunately there are no best practices at this point - it's something we want to address and handle automatically, but it's not going to happen soon.
    Best I can give you now is to look at your favorite styleguide - e.g. if you're normally using Chicago Manual, remove the "The". If you're an APA person, leave them in.
    If you're thinking for the long term, including "the" is going to be better, since any solution we implement will likely just involve stripping "the".
  • Thanks for the reply. It occurred to me that "The" is easy to strip out, but there is no way to add it back in (absent an exhaustive list of publications that use it). Have to figure out what to do…
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