Allow to desactivate permantly the right panel

With zotero 4.0 it is possible to not display the right panel (the one with the folders created by the user) by dragging it to the left (or clicking exactly in the middle of the elevator). The problem is that change is not persistent and you have to do it at every startup.

I think it should be a good thing to allow this right panel to be always hidden (like the tags panel : it is persistent, that is to say if you hide it once, you have to display it again by hand).

A lot of people do not use folders for organize their bibliographies. In human sciences, it is often hard to choose to put a reference inside x or x folders (because of the complexity of the content).
  • Not so much directed at pprw, but as a general comment.

    When the tree is collapsed, we should also probably collapse the toolbar that is meant for the collection tree (those buttons don't make sense without the tree). Which means we would need to do some restructuring of the toolbars. While we're at it though, I would like to make the toolbars more modular. I.e. I would like to be able to add/hide buttons from the toolbars (particularly, I'd like to introduce a recursive collections toggle, but other functions could be added as optional as well). The whole restructuring also goes along pretty well with some of the bugs on the issue tracker (e.g.
  • The state of the left pane should now persist in the latest 4.0 Branch dev XPI.
  • Did the OP mean the right pane or the left pane (because it's the latter in which user-created collections folders appear).

    Is there a way to collapse the _right_ pane (i.e. the one with biblio info, notes, tags, etc.)?

    I've asked this before, and elsewhere, but I'm stuck using my little laptop for a few weeks and the right-hand pane takes up almost half the display width so if there's a work-around that would be useful for now!
  • Please stop repeating your question over and over in different threads. Here is a small hack: a) open zotero in a tab, b) run the javascript $('#zotero-item-pane').style.display = "none" (e.g. create a bookmarklet). After a page reload you will have again all three panes.
  • Thank you! Would you be kind enough to elaborate a little on how to do this?
  • The hack would be: You can use the console of Firebug (Firefox-Addon) to enter the javascript code from above if you have opened zotero in a seperate tab. (It seems that bookmarklet does not work.)
  • On the contrary, zuphillip, the more comments the better. This one really needs to be taken care of, preferably not by a hack.
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    the more comments the better.
    nope. Duplicate comments waste developers' time and make it _less_ likely that things get done.
  • Point taken, but nevertheless, if this little exchange gets the topic even a tiny bit more notice, then that's good because it might deal killer for me as I shop around among the myriad of Lit managers.
  • Hi, zuphilip --

    Thank you for the tip, but I'm wondering if you'd provide a little more how-to detail. I'm not a total dunce technically, but am unfamiliar with running scripts like this. I did install the Firebug extension, and I did try, but I'm not at all sure I was doing it right (or at all).

    I'm also wondering if running the script in Firefox affects Zotero stand-alone. I normally have both running, but use Zotero in stand-alone mode because I find it easier that way.

    And, just in passing and in regard to the topic of this thread, another 60 hours or so of using Zotero intensively on a small screen have not minimized this issue for me. So I definitely agree that a solid fix would be very worthwhile.

    But in the meantime, thanks very much for the help, zuphilip!
  • The hack should work in firefox with the zotero addon, if you have firebug installed. I don't think that this affects the standalone in any matter. I made two pictures for explaining how I can temporarily deactivate the right pane, please have a look at
  • Hi zuphilip I am sorry for not responding earlier! I did try this, with Firefox, but could not get it to work. That's okay, however, since I use Zotero standalone and not the Firefox add-on so it's moot anyway. (I've even abandoned Firefox entirely (again).) But thank you, and I hope others find this useful.
  • Picking up on zuphilip's hack, here is Autohotkey code to do this with one keystroke, so long as you are using Firefox and have Firebug installed:

    Send {F12}
    Sleep 100
    Sendraw $('#zotero-item-pane').style.display = "none"
    Send {Enter}
    Send {F12}

    You can, of course, change F2 to whatever hotkey you want. If you want to make sure this only triggers within Firefox, enclose the code within

    #IfWinActive, ahk_class MozillaWindowClass


  • The ability to hide the right-hand pane was added in Zotero 4.0.25.
  • So the capability of turning the right-hand pane on and off was added in Zotero 4.0.25? That's great, but how do you toggle between them? All of a sudden, my right-hand pane just disappeared (yesterday) and I can't get it back. It's not in preferences, it's not anywhere! Any suggestions? Ideally, when they installed that feature, they should have installed a way to access it--or maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.
  • Just drag it back out from the right border of Zotero window. You can also click the divider that should now be collapsed.
  • aurimas, you are a lifesaver!! Thank you! I didn't see the little dot on the scroll bar (I'm on a Mac), showing that there is more there. I must have dragged it off to widen the view and lost it without knowing it.

    Thanks again for the quick reply!

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