I have a problem with the page-range of my style.
I have set the page-range-format to minimal, this way:
<style xmlns="" class="in-text" version="1.0" page-range-format="minimal" demote-non-dropping-particle="never" initialize-with-hyphen="true">
This does not work, my articles in the bibliograhpy are not quoted with the minimal page-range. I suppose that I made a mistake somewhere, but I don't know where. Do I need to put the page-range-format somewhere else than in cs:style?
Thank you in advance.
  • no, that should do it. Please post the full style as a public gist to and provide a link here, so we can take a look.
  • Thank you, here is the link:
    I cannot find where I made the mistake.
  • that works for me. Could you post an example citation that's not coming out the way you want it to?
  • I have many citations in which it does not work, and some in which it works. Examples:
    - book chapter:
    Bacon 1928 = R.£ Bacon, «De erroribus medicorum», in A.G.£ Little et E.£ Withington (éd.), Opera hactenus inedita Rogeri Baconis, vol. 9 (De retardatione accidentium senectutis, cum aliis opusculis de rebus medicinalibus), Oxford 1928, 150‑179.
    - articles in a journal:
    Bourgarit & Thomas 2012 = D.£ Bourgarit et N.£ Thomas, «Late Medieval Copper Alloying Practices: A View from a Parisian Workshop of the 14th Century AD», Journal of Archaeological Science, 39 n°10 (2012), 3052‑3070.
    - or:
    Kibre 1959 = P.£ Kibre, «Further Manuscripts Containing Alchemical Tracts Attributed to Albertus Magnus», Speculum, 34 n°2 (1959), 238‑247.
    As for articles having the right numbers:
    - article in a journal
    Billanovitch 1959 = G.£ Billanovitch, «Dal Livio di Raterio (Laur. 63, 19) al Livio del Petrarca (B. M., Harl. 2493)», Italia medioevale e umanistica, 2 (1959), 103‑78.
    - Anawati 1997 = G.C.£ Anawati, «L’alchimie arabe», in R.£ Rashed (éd.), Histoire des sciences arabes, III : Technologie, alchimie et sciences de la vie, Paris 1997, 111‑41.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I cannot figure the logic of the way some citations are correct or not.
  • nothing obvious. Where/how are you testing this?
    Same results in the test pane?
  • Not in the test pane, but in the preview pane. But I get the same in the test pane.
    But I just have seen that, in the other styles, the same problem appear. For example, I have 213-231 in the Chicago style, and it should be 213-31. So maybe the problem is in my entries, or in Zotero on my computer (reinstall?).
  • I doubt you'll need to re-install. First thing to try would be to re-type the page range for one of the items where it doesn't work.
  • I got it, I think.
    I have tried to retype it, and it did not work. I have then tried with another dash, and it worked.
    I use the French dash (i.e. the minus sign): -
    But when I put a longer, the English one I mean, it works: –
    Is that normal? Before today, I have always been using the shorter, and I think it was working (but maybe I am wrong).
    Is there a way to make Zotero recognize the shorter dash? Is it in the configuration?
    If not, is there a way to change all the entries automatically?
    Thank you for your help.
  • Can fix this, but it will be a month before I can get to it.
  • OK, I finally got it and I'm pretty sure it's a bug:

    When the locale of your Zotero or the style's default-locale is fr and you use a hyphen in the Zotero data, page-range-format doesn't work.

    That shouldn't be the case: Both hyphen (-) and en dash (–) in the pages field in Zotero should work, no matter what the locale (they both work in the en locale, which is why I wasn't able to reproduce this).
    fbennett will have to look at this. No need to try to fix this in the data.
  • Thank you very much. I am sorry to ask, but when do you think this could be fixed (days, months)? Indeed, I need to print a long bibliography before the end of the next week, so if the bug is not fixed before this, I will change all the data manually (as I need it to be in French).
  • as per above, Frank says he won't have time before the end of the year.
    What you can do, though, is to add the line
    <term name="page-range-delimiter">–</term>
    between lines 16 and 17 of your style. That fill fix it and display the page range with an en-dash. You can then use search&replace in the bibliography to fix it.

    Alternatively you can use:
    <term name="page-range-delimiter">-</term>
    which will use a hyphen, which is what I assume you want. It won't be a non-breaking hyphen, though, which is technically what should be placed there, and it might work less well for search and replace.
  • Thank you very much for this solution.
  • edited May 18, 2014
    I finally got to this -- sorry for the long delay.

    To test with the fix, install the processor patch plugin (Zotero for Firefox only). The only effect of the plugin is to swap in the latest version of the CSL processor. The plugin should be disabled or removed after the next Zotero release.
  • Hi, I'm running the latest Zotero version (just downloaded it today), and I'm having the same problem.
  • To be a bit more specific. I have the latest Zotero version (I downloaded it yesterday). When using any style (such as Chicago) that is supposed to use the minimal page range, it will work if the pages are recorded with the short dash, but it will not show the minimal page range if the pages are recorded with the long dash.
  • Can you paste in exactly what you are storing for ranges that work and don’t work?
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