Keep earlier "date added" when merging duplicate items

I often get aware of publications (e.g. on Scholar) some time before I find their complete bibliographic information (e.g. in SpringerLink). In such situation I save both items from the webpage as I find them and merge the duplicate. This works fine.

However, when I base the merged item on the newer, more complete version, I lose the "date added" of when I first got aware of this work (which I find quite insightful in retrospection).

I would find it logical, if after merging the "date added" is the date of the earlier item.

Alternatively, I could base the merged item on the earlier version, but (1) I would need to change many other fields to be taken from the newer version, (2) I cannot choose authors and editors from the newer version.

  • This!
    Would it be an option to adjust the merge function in such a way that you can choose which authors you want to keep?
  • I think doing creator selection any other way would be quite complicated in terms of UI, but keeping the earliest Date Added makes sense to me. Issue created.
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